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Elmer’s Glue Charcoal Face Mask | Benefits and Recipe

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Use Elmer’s glue charcoal face mask to combat most of your face problems and get bright and healthy-looking skin without using cosmetics!

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Roaming around outside your home for work or any other activity usually results in dullness over your face. You get exposed to sun that leads to tanning, rashes, or spots on your face. Your face gets a whole lot of attention, wherever you’ll go, be it an interview, presentation or any party, etc. It is your face only, through which people would judge most of your personality. A bright look would give you confidence and power to interact with people with full enthusiasm, while a face full of impurities, dirt would make you lose your poise at some point. Suppose you are being interviewed for a job and your face appears dull. Even if the interviewer doesn’t pay attention to your face, you would feel uneasy and find yourself hiding the face. To avoid this situation, you must take care of your face, which could involve using certain products and recipes along with few precautions.

Elmer’s Glue And Charcoal

Using Elmer’s glue, along with the charcoal, can make a perfect blend for the face. Elmer’s glue is an American based product that is used for art and craftwork, repairing items, etc. It might sound peculiar to use Elmer’s glue on the face. Some people would wonder if it is safe to use on the skin. There is no harm in using it as it is non-toxic in general. But that does not mean it can go well with any type of skin. People having sensitive skin must not use it as it can cause irritation or allergies.

Benefits of charcoal:-

1. Removes oil from the skin

The main concern for some people with oily skin is that their skin looks dull, which doesn’t appear good. Due to oily skin, the face looks tired, and it becomes prone to acne and pimples. To get rid of such type of skin, activated charcoal is the best. It extracts or soaks the undesirable and excess of oil from the face, making it smooth. It balances everything, and additionally, it treats acne too.

2. Cleanses Skin

If you have to attend any important event or party, you usually end up washing your face with an ordinary face-wash, or you prefer to visit a salon for facials and cleansing. Instead of all this, trying charcoal would be a great option. It removes all the dirt and toxins, making it appear bright and glowing.

3. Pores

Pores are a significant concern for every individual. Due to excess pollution, certain kinds of toxins, pollutants, and dirt clog our pores, due to which we appear dark in complexion. Charcoal pulls out all the dust from the pores. If they remain intact in your pores, these pores appear larger. Therefore, after using charcoal, you will feel fresh and smooth.

Elmer’s Glue Charcoal Face Mask

Elmer's Glue Charcoal Face Mask2

It is cheaper to make such face masks at home rather than buying an expensive one from the market. Blending these two would make a thick paste and do wonders for the skin. Follow the recipe below.

  1. Add a small amount of Elmer’s glue to a bowl.
  2. Now it depends upon you what you are using, either charcoal tablets or charcoal powder. If you are using tablets, then crush them in the bowl that contains Elmer’s glue.
  3. Keep adding more tablets until it gets entirely black.
  4. Mix them properly and apply the mixture to your face with a makeup brush or with your fingers.
  5. Leave it for 20-30 minutes until it gets entirely dry.
  6. Then peel off the mask slowly. It might hurt a little if you have facial hair, but it is not an issue.

Also, if you see any cracks over your face while the mask is on, you can use lukewarm water to remove it. All the dirt and toxins would get removed with it. Just take out some time every week to repeat the procedure for glowing and healthy skin.

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