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6 Potent and Impressive Health Benefits of Makahiya

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Know what makes this shy plant a sacred addition to your life and what are the health benefits of Makahiya in this article.

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Famously known for its shy attributes, the makahiya plant is better known as ‘touch me not.’ The scientific name of the plant is ‘Mimosa Pudica.’ Many people today are well aware of the shy and shrinking nature of the plant. However, only a few of them are well aware of the health benefits offered by the plant. Let’s know more about the health benefits of makahiya.

Health Benefits of Makahiya or ‘Touch-me-not’ Plant

1. Treats Minor Wounds and Cuts

The juice obtained from crushing the leaves of makahiya has healing properties. In addition to that, the plant extracts can help relieve pain and speed the recovery process. It is thus efficient in treating minor wounds and cuts.

2. Reduces Arthritis or Joint Pain

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The anti-inflammatory and healing properties of the plant can help reduce arthritis pain. For the treatment, prepare a paste of the makahiya leaves and apply them to the affected areas. You can also leave the paste overnight by covering it with cotton fabric pieces. Wash the paste off in the morning. Regular use of this paste can help reduce the pain significantly.

3. Treats Gut Issues

Regular consumption of makahiya leaves juice can help you treat diarrhea and lead to a healthy gut. In addition to balancing your digestive system, the plant juice can help you replenish by retaining essential water balance in your body. For this, you should extract about 30ml of juice from the touch me not plant and get effective results within a small period.

4. Treats Jaundice

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If you are a jaundice patient, you should have juice extracted from Makahiya leaves combined with regular treatments. 20ml to 40ml of the juice consumed twice a day can help you manage your condition and treat it.

5. Treats Itchy Skin Effectively

Itchy skin is a common problem, which takes place because of certain infections and changes in weather conditions. While you may get temporary relief by applying an antiseptic liquid, if you want the best solution, you should use the paste obtained from the roots of Makahiya plant and apply it on the affected areas. Alternatively, you can apply the juice of the leaves of the plant mixed with sesame oil.

6. Treats Stomach Ache from Intestinal Worms

Treats Stomach Ache

Makahiya plant has anti-bacterial properties. Not only does this effectively kill bacterias in your body, but it can also help kill parasites like intestinal worms. For treating the condition, you can drink the plant’s juice extracted from its leaves. You can also add a tablespoon of honey to the juice to treat stomach-ache caused due to intestinal worms.

Note: Medical consultation is advised before consuming the plant extracts, especially for pregnant women and people with ongoing health issues.

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