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6 Healthy Tamarind Seed Powder Uses and Benefits

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Read these tamarind seed powder uses to incorporate this beneficial fruit in your day to day to life for a better and healthy lifestyle!

What is tamarind?

Tamarind Seed Uses1

It is a leguminous tree that is indigenous to tropical Africa and there has been a wide number of cultivation across the globe ranging from tropical and subtropical zones. The tree bears an edible fruit that contains a brown-reddish pulp and it is sour, fleshy and acidic in flavor. It gives a distinct taste to a dish. Also, it is beneficial as it is high in vitamins B, calcium, tartaric acid; and is helpful in medicinal purposes as well. Interestingly, in Southeast Asia, it is used as a poultice which is applied to the forehead by the people suffering from fever. In fact, it can also cure people suffering from constipation.

Tamarind Seed Powder Uses

Many people wonder if tamarind seed powder is good for health or not. Apparently, it has anti-inflammatory properties which can save you from various kinds of diseases like heart disease, diabetes,   and even cancer. In many ways, we can use tamarind to cure various illnesses, to beautify ourselves and keep the mind and body healthy.

1. Arthritis

Inflammation of a single joint or multiple ones is called arthritis. It can be due to any injury, genetic makeup, infections, abnormal metabolism, etc. Therefore, tamarind is one such product that has anti-inflammatory properties, which may help to cure it. Consuming ½ tsp of tamarind seed powder, twice a day, along with water can provide relief to the joints.

2. Used in cosmetic products

Almost all the ointments or creams or moisturizers for treating skin rashes contain tamarind seed powder. Tamarind seeds have xyloglucans which are usually present in pharmaceutical products as it has high viscosity against heat, pH, etc.

3. Dental problems

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For the people who smoke a lot, tamarind seed powder is quite beneficial. It is believed that rubbing this powder on the gums and teeth may prove to be great. Smokers usually end up depositing a high amount of nicotine and tartar in their gums. Even people who consume more soft drinks, tea, coffee or soda can use it as it helps in removing the stains and making the teeth look better and glossy.

4. Throat or nasal infections

Gargle for 5 minutes, twice a day, with tamarind seed juice to get rid of cough or throat infections. You may mix it with ginger or cinnamon for better results and to treat common cold and tonsils too.

5. Treats constipation

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Having tamarind seed juice in the morning daily can provide relief from constipation as it has dietary fiber content. It also has a certain compound that helps in promoting bile activity which fastens the digestion process.

6. Cardiovascular problems

Tamarind contains polyphenols like flavonoids which are responsible for regulating the cholesterol level. Therefore, any kind of oxidative damage or heart disease can be fought using tamarind seed powder.

Note – As tamarind lowers the blood sugar level, it might interfere with the blood sugar control. Therefore, try to monitor your blood sugar levels closely. In addition, if you have gone through any surgery or if you’re about to have it, stop consuming it for at least 2 weeks. Always consult any general physician before consuming it for a medicinal purpose.


Tamarind Seed Powder Uses3

  • Take whatever quantity of tamarind seeds you want and roast them for about 4-5 minutes.
  • After keeping it for some time, take a towel and break it with a hammer until they become good to grind.
  • Grind them well in a grinder until you get a powder form of it.
  • Store the tamarind seed powder in an airtight container and use is as per the tamarind seed powder uses mentioned in this article.

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